Lab Alumni

Summer scholarship students at University of Canterbury

2019-2020: Averill Moser-Rust worked with Mads Thomsen, Micaela Pullen, Derek Gerber, and Sarah, investigating the community of fishes in two seagrass beds in the Canterbury region in New Zealand.

2018-2019: Chavvah Freeman worked with Sarah, studying the evolution of pigmentation genes in pipefish.

NIMBioS SRE 2017

Dr. Flanagan co-supervised four undergraduate students with Dr. Nourridine Siewe at NIMBioS during the Summer Research Experience program in 2017. The group included Sharee Brewer (Fisk University), Kimberly Dautel (Marist College), Alan Liang (Cornell University), and Brian Lerch (Case Western Reserve University), and we have publisehd the results of our summer working together!