The Flanagan Lab

About the lab

Sarah P. Flanagan has just begun her appointment as a Lecturer in the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand. The lab is focused on understanding the evolution of complex, multivariate traits (such as mating display traits), primarily relying on population and quantitative genetics, genomic datasets, simulation modeling. Our empirical work has mostly focused on pipefish and seahorses.

Lab news

August 2019: Micaela Pullen has joined the lab as a Masters student! Find out more on the Current Lab Members Page

February 2019: Sarah’s new review paper with Adam Jones on parentage analysis was published in Molecular Ecology. Read her summary of the paper here and access the paper here

January 2019: Sarah wrote a new blog post about her transition from faculty to postdoc

November 2018: Chavvah Freeman joined the lab as a Summer Research Scholar

November 2018: Sarah was awarded a Brian Mason Trust award to fund the lab’s research on the wide-bodied pipefish

August 2018: Sarah was quoted in the New York Times!