Join the lab

Join the lab

Prospective postgraduate (masters or PhD) students

If you are interested in the research we are doing in my lab and would like to join, please get in touch! First check your eligibility by perusing the UC eligibility requirements. If you are eligible and interested, please email me with your CV and a brief summary of your research interests.

UC students considering an honours or masters

If you are currently at University of Canterbury and would like to work with me for your Honours or Masters research, please email me with your CV and a brief description of your research interests.

Diversity and Equity

My lab is inclusive, welcoming, and committed to advancing diversity; I welcome everyone regardless of their citizenship, ethnicity, color, socioeconomic background, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, and age. I especially encourage members of historically underrepresented groups including (but not limited to) people of colour, women, veterans, and people from socioeconomically disadvantaged communities to inquire about opportunities and apply to join my group.

For more information on pursuing a postgraduate degree at the University of Canterbury, please take a look at the handbook.